"The advantage for us is that nextrade finance is so easy to use. We are able to offer our buyers favourable credit terms and still get paid when we ship. This provides us with the working capital we need to continue to grow our business."
Duncan Werner
CanMar Grain Products Ltd.


"Knowing nextrade finance is there to support our export transactions, we were able to confidently ship equipment to our Australian buyers."
Empire Welding & Machining Ltd.

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nextrade finance offers unique export financing solutions customized for your companies individual needs. nextrade finance provides short-term, affordable financing with flexibility that allows exporters to grow their business and enhance cash flow – it’s that simple!

Benefits of nextrade finance

  • Risk management services to exporters.
    • Eliminates currency risk, nextrade pays in Canadian funds
    • Completes due diligence on buyers
    • Analyzes documentation for validity and strength
    • Insures against non-payment
    • Provides collections assistance
  • Accelerates an exporters business cycle
    • Turn sales into cash immediately
  • Complete cash flow management tool
    • nextrade can support both sides of the transaction
  • Provides an effective marketing tool for exporters
    • extend credit to buyers and move into new markets with the confidence in the buyer that nextrade provides
  • Supports inter-provincial as well as international transactions

What exactly do these benefits mean for exporters?
An exporter can undertake a new export transaction, produce it, prepare for shipping, ship the goods, extend credit to their buyers and never use any of their own money!

Contact us today and nextrade finance will:

  • Customize the financing offer to meet the specific needs of the exporter
  • Price the financing agreement so it can be included in the pricing
  • Approve buyers in advance, allowing the exporter to better negotiate favorable deals with buyers
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The Economic Impact of nextrade™ finance on the Saskatchewan Economy (pdf)

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