"The advantage for us is that nextrade finance is so easy to use. We are able to offer our buyers favourable credit terms and still get paid when we ship. This provides us with the working capital we need to continue to grow our business."
Duncan Werner
CanMar Grain Products Ltd.


"Knowing nextrade finance is there to support our export transactions, we were able to confidently ship equipment to our Australian buyers."
Empire Welding & Machining Ltd.

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Contract Financing
Many Exporters work hard to generate their export sales, only to find that it puts great strain on the working capital they have available to fill the export order. This puts added pressure on the exporter trying to grow their export business and to maintain their current business volume.
nextrade finance Contract Financing allows an exporter to access the funding they need to produce and fill a new export order.

This benefits the exporter in many ways;
• Confidently generate new business with the funding needed to fill the order
• Mitigate the risk of buyer cancellation
• Increase working capital
   • Allows the exporter to fill more orders without exhausting current credit facilities.

Account Receivable Process
Click here to see the financing process flowchart

Accounts Receivable Program
Aside from cash, accounts receivables are often one of a company’s largest and most liquid assets. nextrade finance allows a company to turn small export receivables into cash immediately. This provides cash flow between the shipment and payment dates without using an existing line of credit.

This benefits the exporter in many ways;
• Turns sales into cash quickly
• Mitigates the risk of non-payment
• Increases sales by extending credit terms to buyers to match their sales cycles
• Increases working capital to allow the exporter to fill more orders

- must be a Saskatchewan company
- must have a current export transaction
- receivables should be valued up to $150 000 USD
- for working capital the terms of the funding agreement should be no greater than 60 days prior to   shipment
- for accounts receivable financing the terms of the receivable should be no greater than 90 days.

Financing decisions are based on a contract specific basis. For the accounts receivable program, credit decisions will be made within 5 business days from application (provided all required information is available on application date). Pre-shipment financing application approval will depend on the individual contract details.